Why is our service eco friendly?

1. We use a vegetable paste in your home to clean your oven. This product is pet and child safe is approved by the Vitreous Association and hasn’t been tested on animals.

2. We don’t waste paper mopping up whilst cleaning your oven, like some companies do, we use cloths that are regularly washed.

3. We don’t use a lot of water to clean your oven, bringing with us a small amount water to do the job.

4. We don’t dispose of our waste from our oven cleaning dip tank in your garden or down your drain. We take it away and dispose of it in a way approved by our loacl Water Board.

5. We don’t use live flames to heat up our dip tank as most of our competitors do.  So you can be assured that no live flame will be burning in the back of our van outside whilst we clean your oven in the house. We use an electrically heated dip tank that is heated up at the start of the day and stays hot for the whole day meaning we don’t need to heat it up at every home. This saves the environment and also saves time so we can get your oven cleaned quicker than our competitors too.

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